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Rodin® Soft Reline


Rodin® Soft Reline features a unique silicone-based formulation that improves the fit and enhances the performance of both removable and fixed full or partial dentures. Tailored for superior bonding and tear strength, it is the ideal reline solution for 3D printed polymer bases, as well as PMMA milled and traditional acrylic materials.
This material is particularly beneficial for patients in need of immediate dentures following extractions, surgeries, or implant procedures. Its unique, tasteless, and odorless formula is engineered for maximum comfort and performance, ensuring patient satisfaction.

Key Features:

  • Exceptional Adhesion and Tear Strength: Provides unmatched adhesion and tear strength for 3D denture base polymers and traditional PMMA materials to ensure a secure and rip free bond
  • Superior Performance: Advanced formulation exceeds the capabilities of traditional soft reline materials and is designed for enhanced durability and comfort, ensuring a long-lasting and comfortable fit.
  • Ease of Workflow: Streamlines the denture reline process, making it efficient and to get patients in and out, minimizing chair time.
  • Esthetic and Patient Comfort: Designed to blend seamlessly with the denture base, providing a natural look and feel. The result is a functional, comfortable, and visually appealing soft reline that patients can wear with confidence.

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