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Rodin® Ortho IBT


Indirect Bonding Tray Resin – is a filled resin designed for printing indirect bonding trays.

  • Bonding trays easily flex and retain to natural dentition to allow for quick positioning of orthodontic brackets.
  • Bonding tray transparency allows for handheld UV light sources to penetrate to tack cure light curable cements.
  • Non offensive odor compared to similar resins available to market.
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Material: Flexible yet durable material


  • 3.25″(Dia) x 9″Height
Applications: Indirect bonding trays

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  • Having an intentionally added pigmented color

  • Rodin® Indirect Bonding Tray, 1 kg Bottle, 3DR-OIBTF, $249.00

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Weight 1.6 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 12 cm

Product Descriptions

All of the Rodin® 3D Resin printing materials are FDA-registered medical devices and have been successfully tested for biocompatibility.

Rodin® Ortho IBT is highly flexible yet durable for printing indirect bonding trays. Orthodontists can easily place all the brackets at once, saving time at the chair.


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