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Rodin™ Splint

Bite Splint (Hard) Resin – is a robust, highly filled resin designed for all types of splints, night guards and retainers.

  • Resistant to wear, and breakage under the harshest of oral environments making this an ideal material for patients suffering from acute bruxism and night grinding.
  • Minimal yellowing discoloration compared to like 3D-printed resins on the market
  • Can be prescribed for both bite splints and snoring appliances.
  • Non offensive odor compared to similar resins available to market.
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Product Specifications

Material: Tough and durable resin

  • 3.25″(Dia) x 9″Height
Applications: Corrective NTI (nociceptive trigeminal inhibitor) appliances, corrective sleeping appliances, TMJ Splints, night guards.
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  • Translucent

  • Rodin™ Clear Bite Splint, 1 kg Bottle, 3DR-SPLINTF, $249.00
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Product Descriptions

All of the Rodin™ 3D Resin printing materials are FDA-registered medical devices and have been successfully tested for biocompatibility.

Rodin™ Splint is a strong, tough and durable resin suitable for all types of splints, night guards and retainers.

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Compatible Printers

Phrozen Sonic mini 4k
carbon 3D printers
Phrozen®​ Sonic 4K
Asiga®​ Pro 4K (385nm)
Asiga®​ Pico 2 (385nm)
Asiga®​ MAX (385nm)
Ackuretta®​ SOL